2014 Summer Institute Videos

Speaker links to video-presentations on YouTube unless otherwise indicated:

  1. Marica Vilcek, Interviewed by John Micgiel (Kosciuszko Foundation)
  2. Remarks of Paul R. Magocsi (University of Toronto)
  3. Remarks of John Connelly (University of California, Berkeley)
  4. Remarks of Mihaela Robila (CUNY, Queens College)
  5. Remarks of Paul R. Magocsi (University of Toronto)
  6. Remarks of Daniel Soyer (Fordham University)
  7. Remarks of Mikhail Mitsel (Joint Distribution Committee)
  8. Remarks of Rebekah Klein-Pejsova (Purdue University)
  9. Remarks of Mieczyslaw B. Biskupski (Central Connecticut State University)
  10. Remarks of Dominic Pacyga (Columbia College, Chicago)
  11. Remarks of James Pula (Purdue University)
  12. Remarks of Ieva Zake (College of New Jersey)
  13. Remarks of Mara Lazda (Bronx Community College)
  14. Remarks of Janis Kreslins, Jr. (Royal Library, Stockholm, via Skype)
  15. Remarks of Toivo Raun (Indiana University, via Skype)
  16. Remarks of Jeremy King (Mt. Holyoke College)
  17. Remarks of Milan Hauner (University of Wisconsin)
  18. Remarks of Mark Stolárik (University of Ottawa)
  19. Martin Nekola NEH Summer Institute Presentation [Microsoft PowerPoint] (freelance editor, Czech Republic)
  20. Remarks of James Niessen (Rutgers University)
  21. Remarks of Thomas Sakmyster (University of Cincinnati)
  22. Remarks of Peter Pastor (Montclair State University)
  23. Remarks of Lorraine M. Lees (Old Dominion University)
  24. Remarks of John Kraljic (Croatian Academy of America)
  25. Remarks of Anna Brzyski (University of Kentucky)
  26. Remarks of Steven Mansbach (University of Maryland)
  27. Remarks of Marta Deyrup (Seton Hall University)
  28. Remarks of Wojciech Siemaszkiewicz (New York Public Library)
  29. Remarks of James Niessen (Rutgers University)
  30. Remarks of David Chroust (Texas A&M University)